Three Laws to Build More Affordable Housing, Faster

Mayor Breed breaks ground on Affordable Housing with Mission Housing

San Francisco says it wants more Affordable Housing, but there hasn’t been much action to actually get it built. Our laws force projects to spend years in community meetings, trying to placate hostile neighbors while housing proposals get scaled back or shelved.

Now Mayor London Breed is championing three pieces of legislation to get the job done. She’s targeting the three biggest needs for Affordable Housing: LAND, PERMITS, and FUNDING. Land has to be zoned to allow housing; permits to build have to be issued; and public money has to be invested. You’ll be shocked to hear that San Francisco’s…

Quality emails for your enjoyment

Graduate Students reached out with a couple questions…

From a policy perspective what more could be done in the city of San Francisco to increase the number of housing units available for families?

A TON OF THINGS. I’ll list a couple.

Currently San Francisco prohibits multifamily housing of more than 3 units in more than 70% of the city. Check out this interactive map. Simply allowing more multifamily housing in exclusionary neighborhoods, we would see many more units of housing available.

So, the biggest thing we could do is legalize apartment buildings city wide. This could mean “density decontrols” which…

Insightful interviews with Trauss, Haney and Johnson

Matt Haney, Christine Johnson and Sonja Trauss

Many folks aren’t hearing the differences between the three candidates running for District Six Supervisor.

But listen to these interviews from the San Francisco Chronicle and you’ll know who’s who!

Sonja Trauss doesn’t mince words

San Francisco elected a pro-housing mayor. Now what?

“I plan to change the politics of no to the politics of yes. Yes, we will build more housing.”

London Breed’s election as Mayor of San Francisco will define city politics for the next decade, with implications already resonating across the country. San Francisco exemplifies the modern housing crisis facing cities throughout the world. Cities everywhere will look to us for solutions— but only if we are successful in bringing down the cost of housing. San Francisco can transition from a cautionary tale to one of inspiration under the leadership of Mayor London Breed.

Breed has been incredibly honest about…

Segregation experts ask California Senators to right past wrongs

Redlining is a legacy California must finally face.

This is a republishing of a letter that can be found here.

April 5, 2018

The Honorable Senator Mike McGuire State Capitol
1303 10th Street, Room 5061 Sacramento, CA 95814

The Honorable Senator Jim Beall State Capitol
1303 10th Street, Room 2082 Sacramento, CA 95814

The Fair Housing Promise of SB 827

Virtually every metropolitan region in the United States is marked by stark and persistent patterns of racial and economic residential segregation. This is not an accident or a result of individual choices. Over generations, racially segregated residential patterns were systematically promoted and often created by federal, state, and local housing law and policy. In the…

Responding to Sally Stephens’ “Overheated rhetoric won’t win the housing debate”

A few days ago, Sally Stephens wrote a column in the Examiner getting to the heart of a much-covered side of the housing debate: Boomers vs. Millennials. While I think this angle misses a lot of the nuance, intersectionality and complicated nature of access to housing, it’s an important part of the discourse. And since my grandmother’s name is also Sally, and she isn’t sure what exactly it is I’m on about, I greatly appreciate the spirit of this column and wanted to further the conversation. So here goes…

Laura Clark and YIMBY member Cliff Leventhal at the YIMBY Gala

Sally: “Housing density is a big deal in San Francisco. Emotions…

Responses to a slight provocation…


Glen Park — Jan 28 (5 days ago)


Just noticed a flier attached on a fence near me.
I’m wondering if your people came to the wrong neighborhood?

One to two blocks away is low income or affordable housing with mostly African Americans and other Persons of Color.
There are many children.

Three blocks away are many apartments that are low income/affordable housing with primary African American and other Persons of Color.
Most have children.

As the older folks die, houses and apartments are now occupied by 30-somethings and their minor children. …

YIMBYs at the signing of HOME-SF with Mayor Ed Lee

We were stunned by the loss of Mayor Ed Lee early this morning, and give our condolences to his wife, Anita, his two daughters, Brianna and Tania, and the many friends and family who will mourn his passing.

Mayor Lee was a strong supporter of housing. He demonstrated a consistent commitment to subsidized housing and ending the overall housing shortage. He ensured hundreds of millions of dollars to affordable housing through programs like the Housing Trust Fund and Proposition A. …

Photo from the Press Democrat

We have to talk about housing.

By the latest count, 42 people have died in the wine country fires; dozens are still missing. More than 8,400 buildings were destroyed and more than 245,000 acres burned. Tens of thousands were evacuated, staying with friends and family or in hotels as they navigate newfound homelessness.

Their well-being must be at the forefront, and we must do our utmost to support the displaced families who have fled the flames with food, shelter, and cash.

But people are already beginning to ask: How will the North Bay rebuild? There is an opportunity to do…

Response to Nato Green’s #NotAllYIMBYs

Hi Nato,

I was quite surprised by your recent column on the YIMBYs. Mostly it struck me as odd that you would write such an in-depth critique of “lazy reporters” without speaking with any YIMBY leadership. Or attending a meeting. Or a panel discussion. Or an Intro to YIMBY. Or anything as far as I can tell. You bemoan lazy reporting, but you also demonstrate complete ignorance about what YIMBYs are actually up to.

Serious question, did you do any research for this column? …

Laura Foote

Executive Director of YIMBY Action

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